Busy Room 8

We have been very busy in room 8 since before Christmas. We have made clay fairy houses. We used old jewellery, beads, pipe cleaners and metal pieces to embellish these and we finished off by painting them.

The boys and girls in fifth class have been doing a lot of maths such as fractions, decimals, as well as 2-D and 3-D  shapes and length. In these pictures you can see us experimenting with Tangrams, making different shapes and doing a ‘Length’ maths trail around the school.

Prior to the Christmas holidays, all of us picked an explorer/explorers and did projects on them we presented them to the class.

In January, we have been doing report writing. We picked a European country out and did a report on that. We also did a Powerpoint in pairs about an animal of our choice. Now, we are picking a famous person from history or now and are researching them. We will write up a report about them. We present our reports to the class.

Thanks for your time!! 🙂