Busy Month in First Class

Hi everyone, we hope that you had a lovely break. Ms Quinlan’s first class have had a super busy month.Between Maths week, Halloween, art, Goal jersey day and much much more we have barely had time to breathe

In art, we collected autumn leaves and we made our own animals from them. We think they turned out pretty cool. In fabric and fibre we made birds with lots of different materials and fibres such as curtains, wallpaper, wool and feathers. Then it was halloween time and we made our own witches, silhouettes with pastels and paint, vampires and cats….it was super busy.

For Maths week, we played maths games in class with cards and dice, played maths games on the whiteboard and in P.E., Mr. Ryan brought i-pads and bee bots in to us, we played snakes and ladders and Ludo and we went on a maths trail.

We also wore our jerseys and brought in money to raise money for GOAL. Here we are in our jerseys doing P.E.

We are also very busy in class but sometimes we need a break and teacher does active breaks with us. Our favourite site is Go Noodle and we are nearly finished our second champ! Here is a video of us doing some of our moves.


In the lead up to December and Christmas we will have a lot more news to share!