Book Week Winners

The following children were the winners for our Book Cover competition.

Michael Room 9, Faye Room 3, Emilia Room 25, Kady Room 11, Grace Room 13, Romans Room 20, Ethan Room 24, Oliwia Room 6, Carolina Room 19, Sam Room 29, Bob Room 17, Aimee Room 4, Aimee Room 2, Iga and Ruby Room 28, Emma Room 19, Katie and Jamie Room 12,Aoibhe Room 26, Matthew Room 5, Kristopher Room 15, Dawid Room 27, Ollie Room 14.

5th and 6th Class Quiz Winners

3rd and 4th Class Quiz Winners
Nadia, Eoin, Nafina and Gabriel

Best Dressed Class Room 7 Third Class Ms Curran

Golden Ticket Winners Room 13 Ms Joyce