Book Week In St. Declan’s

Reading is very important to us here is St Declan’s and during book week we try to promote reading even more. We do lots of different activities to celebrate Book Week in St. Declan’s. Older classes are paired with younger classes to read to them. Some older classes write books for the younger classes. Teachers swap classes to read to. Some classes do the ‘Drop Everything and Read’ approach for the week. Lots of classes bring in their favourite books and swap with other children for the day. Children design bookmarks and book covers for the occasion. Children write book reviews and draw pictures of their favourite characters. Members of the public are invited in to read to different classes Some classes visit the library. The Junior and Senior Infants have a Big Bedtime Story and classes first to sixth dress up as different characters from books. This year in St. Declan’s we are running a book fare during Book Week. Each class has an allocated time to browse and purchase books. Fifty percent of the money spent will be given back to the school to fund our new library. If parents wish to buy books they can do so between 9 30am and 10 50 on Thursday the 3rd of May. We are really looking forward to Book Week.