On Thursday and Friday we had coaches from Ashbourne Baseball Ireland who came in to demonstrate baseball and coached some of our classes.
Baseball is a highly inclusive international sport, appealing to both sexes, all age groups and ability levels and has proven its appeal in the Ashbourne area over the past three years by continuing to grow the club and achieve development objectives.
Baseball offers a great additional alternative sport to the youth of Ashbourne and the surrounding areas to actively engage young people in productive physical and social activities.The Ashbourne Baseball Club was founded in 2009 and has been growing strongly ever since. Boys and girls aged from 5 to 15 have been enjoying baseball with the club both recreationally and in competitive leagues where they have proved a force to be reckoned with. The club is supported by a great coaching team and team of volunteers who have an ambitious vision for the club’s continued growth.The Ashbourne Baseball Club is embarking on an exciting project to establish a top class baseball facility in Ashbourne, Co Meath. This thriving established club, with a strong management team and coaching staff, wants to take the next step in its development by establishing a permanent base that will offer a valuable sports and leisure amenity to Ashbourne community and surrounding areas of Meath and Dublin counties.
Thank you to Spencer Grace and coaches for coming into our school and showing children some of the key skills necessary to play baseball. The children had a fantastic time.