Balrath Woods, Rm 11

Thursday the 9th of October was National Tree Day. We headed off to Balrath Woods where we got a tour and learnt all about the oak, ash, beech and horse chestnut from our guide Liz. We collected conkers, beech nuts and lots of leaves to bring back for our Autumn display. It was very interesting and we learnt lots of new information. Teacher lives beside the woods and her brothers Paul and Joe invited us up to Finnegan’s Farm . Paul made up chips from Rooster potatoes and we sat on bales in the shed for our lunch. They were so delicious Paul made us a second batch. We then got to have a look around the farm. We saw where the potatoes were washed , graded and bagged. We all got on the trailer and Paul brought us off to see the cattle, horses and bulls. we had such fun !! We came back to the climbing frame for a play before we got the bus back to school. Paul gave us a tray of potatoes to bring home and some of us cooked them for our dinners that evening. What a busy day we had !!! The next day we planted a chestnut each to bring home with us and we made hedgehogs out of our potatoes from the farm.