Art Attack!

Our great winter art is displayed in our classroom. We used clay to create a snowman. We gave him a funky look by using googly eyes while the clay was still wet. Then we painted them white and decorated them with felt hats and scarves. Teacher displayed them in the classroom in a snowy winter wonderland.

Speaking of winter wonderlands…. we created a winter scene using black sugar paper and crayons. When we were finished we did a really cool experiment. We mixed warm water and Epsom salts together. The Epsom salt disappeared like magic, it dissolved.

We painted the mixture over the pictures and when it dries, the air dries out the salt and it made little crystals on the page like snow! BUT, not all of them worked. We figured why though, as we are great scientists. The second mixture had too much water and not enough Epsom salts. The pictures still look great though!

First Class – Ms Doran – Room 6