Art Attack!

We have done some lovely art so far. We did some painting in the first week, that teacher displayed in the classroom. We have learned a lovely song about a rainbow and then drew some chalk drawings of a rainbow while listening to it. We really like this song, Click here to listen to it.  This week we did a lot of printing. Look at our hand prints! They are all a little different, just like us!

We did lots of printing with sponges too. This week we have done a lot of work on Autumn, look at some of our leaf rubbings. Speaking of Autumn…… we had some special visitors in school, some caterpillars and…… Harry the Hedgehog. It was brilliant to see them. Harry has gone back to the woods to continue getting ready for his sleep. Did you know he sleeps for the whole Winter? Its AMAZING!

Ms Doran, Jnr Inf, Room 13