Aldi Schools Competition

Aldi is currently running a competition for all primary schools. For each 30 euro spent customers will receive a sticker. We are all working really hard at bringing in stickers. All the teachers are helping too. When a full poster (300) stickers is filled you can submit an entry. All entries will be put into a draw and two schools will win 50,000 to go develop their playing facilities. One school from each province will receive 2,500 worth of training equipment for their school, a training session with Paul O’Connell, a new set of school jerseys and Aldi branded water bottles. Every school that enters a fully completed poster will receive an Aldi play rugby kit bg, 4 rugby balls, a water bottle holder and 6 water bottles.

We have filled one full poster and we are going to start a new poster. Thank you to everyone who is helping us by bringing ijn stickers.  Please keep up the good work !!