Active School’s Week 2019

Active schools week is taking place from Monday the 10th to Friday 14th of June 2019.  Many active events are organised for the week.

Children should be getting AT LEAST 60 minutes of physical activity EVERYDAY. By being active at break times and walking/cycling to and from school many children have this nearly covered. We must keep doing our best to make sure we get some physical activity in our day whether it’s helping out with chores, playing sports, dancing or just walking from place to place!
The children are encouraged to do active homework for the week. Each class will design an active notice board. The children will be encouraged to Drop Everything And Run throughout the week. Different events were organized daily for the classes.

On Monday we have Yas from Aniss Stage School coming in to teach dance to our first and second classes.

On Tuesday we hope to have our Sports Day for the entire school.

On Wednesday baseball coaches are coming in to teach basball to 5th and 6th classes and Master Joe is coming in for Taekwondo for 3rd and 4th classes.

On Thursday Ms Jenkinson and Ms Joyce will be teaching dance to Junior and Senior Infants. Fifth and sixth classes will also participate in a World Cup Tournament.

On Friday the 14th of June Juniorv Infants to 2nd will have a hula hoop/skipping final while 3rd to 6th classes will compete in penalties/keepy uppys. In the afternoon St. Declan’s Dnce/Talent competition will take place in the hall.

We look forward to the week ahead. We will have daily updates on our website.