A busy start- Ms. Curran’s Rang a Dó, Room 18!

We’ve had a very busy but fun start to Rang a Do  here in Room 18! We’ve been working really hard! Here is an example of what we have been getting up to…

Material Hunt around school 

Last week, we went on a material hunt around our school grounds.  Before our hunt, we talked about lots of different materials- how they look, how they feel and where we might find them. We went outside to see what materials we could spot around the school! We found loads of interesting things! 


Aboriginal Handprint Art

We’ve been experimenting in different styles of painting this month. We looked at some examples of Aboriginal art and we talked about their use of colours and dot painting technique in their paintings. We created our own handprint art using the aboriginal style of painting by swapping our paint brushes for cotton buds- take a look at some of our masterpieces in progress!

Movement breaks

To give our brains a break from all the hard work we are doing, we love to have movement breaks in our classroom.  We love to get up,  dance and exercise after lessons- this gives our brains a well earned rest and helps us to get ready for whatever task is next!