3rd class -Ms.Curran

We’ve been working really hard here in Room 7! Here is an example of what we’ve been getting up to…

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we made our very own Chinese lanterns.
In Geography, we’ve been practicing our map drawing skills and we’ve been talking about all the great things Ashbourne has to offer! We even designed our very own brochures highlighting everything you need to know about Ashbourne- we’re hoping they’ll come in handy to any tourists that come to visit! 😉

In History, we’ve been learning all about the people of Mesopotamia. We’ve learned so many new facts! We learned that the most famous and important building in the Mesopotamian city was the temple dedicated to the gods and goddesses of the city. These temples are called “ziggurats”.
In Art, we decided to make our very own ziggurats- we used old shoe boxes, cereal boxes and lots of other materials. We’ve no doubt that the people of ancient Mesopotamia would have been impressed at how well our ziggurats turned out!

Take a look at all of our hard work! 🙂

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