3rd Class join Fionn Mac Cumhall and the Fianna











IMG_3415Copy of IMG_3352Copy of IMG_3352

IMG_3280We have been busy learning all about history in Third Class.
Last week we read about Fionn Mac Cumhall and the Salmon of Knowledge.
We also learned about an ancient group of warriors called Na Fianna that existed at the time. They were an army of brave warriors who protected the high king of Ireland.
Their motto was ‘Strength in our limbs, truth on our lips and purity in our hearts’.
To become a member of Na Fianna a warrior had to pass seven tests. These were
1. Jump over a branch as tall as yourself.
2. Run under a stick places at the height of your knees.
3. Pick a thorn from your foot as you run at top speed.
4. Run through the forest with breaking one single twig under your foot, or tearing your clothes on a bush.
5. Know 12 books of poetry off by heart.
6. Promise to obey the rules of Na Fianna.
7. Stand in a hole up to your waist and defend yourself against nine warriors, using only a shield and a hazel stick.

We tried out some of these tests in P.E. and drew some pictures in art too. We may not have passed every single test but who knows maybe with some practice we might have been able to join Na Fianna.