Junior Entrepreneur Programme

The Junior Entrepreneur Programme is a 10-16 week educational programme for primary school children. This innovative programme opens the minds of primary school pupils to the joy of entrepreneurship at a time in their lives when they are full of imagination and open to new possibilities. The programme helps participating pupils to develop a number of skills including literacy, writing, presentation, drawing, technology, research skills, numeracy, financial, consumer awareness, storytelling, listening skills, creative thinking, problem solving, team building and collaboration skills. The programme has a significant personal development impact on participating pupils, building confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem, and an appreciation of individual skills and talents
Ms Collins and Ms O’Connor are partaking in the programme this year. The children were divided into groups and came up with some great ideas. We had a Dragons Den session where Mr Reidy, Alan Tobin Ms Collins and Ms O’Connor sat on the panel while the children presented their projects. Have a look at some of the fantastic work.
Group 1 Room 2 Dream Catchers by Veronica, James, Alex, Marius, Sophie and Jared.

Group 2 Room 3 Charmies by Danna, Luke R and Jamie

Group 3 Room 2 Mixed Cookies by Rebecca, Rachel, Callum, Scott, Patrickas and Noyus.

Group 4 Room 3 Canvas by Carine, Faye and Emily K

Group 5 Room 2 Stress Balls by Sam, Cameron, Louise, Sean and Alina

Group 6 Room 3 Mirrors Lwandile, Faderera, Denize and Leja

Group 7 Room 2 Lip Balm Adam, Ava, Amy R, Fadehemi, and Elena

Group 8 Room 3 Lanterns Milosz, Davin, Fuwad, Michael and Aidan

Group 9 Group 2 Friendship Braclets Bolu, Aimee, Craig, Mayyadah and Livija

Group 10 Room 3 Yarn Globes Mila, Evan, Callum, Maciek and Jack D

Group 11 Room 3 Stress Balls Ella, Emily, Daniel, Ciara, Arnold and Ryan

Group 12 Room 3 Picture Frame Kevin, Jack K, Tito, Luke N and Denis

The Dragons Den
Alan Tobin, Mr Reidy, Ms O’Connor and Ms Collins

The judges were very impressed with all the work the children had put into their presentations. After much deliberation the following groups were picked to represent each class.
Room 2 Ms Collins Mixed Cookies jar
Room 3 Ms O’Connor Charmies Keyrings

The two classes will now work on these two projects as a team. We will keep you posted on how they get on.